Edbot Play&Code

Edbot Play&Code is based on the Robotis Play 700 STEAM kit. The kit enables you to build 6 different robots with easy-build rivets. Choose from the car, scorpion, puppy, windmill, bear or bird. When you’ve finished with a particular robot, take it to pieces and build the next one! The CM-50 microcontroller (the yellow box) includes built-in sensors, a buzzer, motors and a socket for the included Bluetooth module.

Your Edbot Play&Code kit also includes an Edbot Play&Code Product Key for use with the Edbot Software. The software connects to your Edbot Play&Code using the included Bluetooth module. This allows you to program your Play&Code in Scratch 2.0, Scratch 3.0, Python, Java, JavaScript, Node.js and many other languages with multi-user networking support. Currently only the Windows version of the Edbot Software supports Edbot Play&Code.

For remote control, you can use the Robotis R+ Play 700 app on your smart phone to control your robot. Refer to the instruction booklet for help downloading and installing it.

You don’t need to purchase a BT-410 dongle for use with the Edbot Software, you simply need a Windows PC with Bluetooth 4.0 or above.



First you'll want to get building!

The kit comes with comprehensive build instructions for each robot. You can also view the assembly instructions using the 3D animated R+ m.Design App from Robotis.

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Edbot Software

Next you'll need to download and set up the Edbot Software. This software connects your program to your Edbot Play&Code.

When you switch on your robot, make sure you hold the power button down until the unit beeps twice. This ensures the robot is in command mode.

Time to code

The following programming guides are language specific and contain all the gory details to enable you to program your Edbot Play&Code.

Scratch 3.0

We've compiled Coding Edbot Play&Code with Scratch 3.0 to help you get going with the Edbot Play&Code blocks.

Scratch 2.0

If you're still on Scratch 2.0, Coding Edbot Play&Code with Scratch 2.0 will help you learn the Edbot Play&Code blocks.

Python 3

If Python’s your thing, you’ll need to use the comprehensive Edbot Play&Code Python API.


The Edbot Play&Code Java API helps you get started with Java and provides everything the advanced programmer needs.


The Edbot Play&Code JavaScript API provides an easy-to-use, powerful API to control your Edbot Play&Code robots.